Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving Number Two

On Saturday, we had Thanksgiving dinner number two at our house. We got to use our oh-so-pretty, new-to-us china for the first time (someday I'll have to share the story about how we got the china. It involves crazy auction bidding and Dairy Queen) and everything was so pretty! Yummy, too! Especially the Pioneer Woman sweet potatoes. Oh, man--they are SO scrumptious. I'm sure when we die, we'll find these sweet potatoes on the menu at the Pearly Gates Diner, and I don't even like sweet potatoes that much.

I'm actually in this picture, because my father-in-law, Mike, is a picture-taking fool. Well, he's not really a fool, he's actually a pretty intelligent guy, but he does take a lot of pictures. Whenever he's around, I really don't worry about picking my camera up much. I know I can just get copies from him. :) Thanks, Mike!Everybody except for Colter was looking at the camera! Oh, and yes, even though there is a Christmas tree in the corner, this was actually Thanksgiving dinner. You can't really see it because the picture is so tiny, but there was some fall decor in the middle of the table. My house had C.D.S. (Conflicting Decoration Syndrome) with a Christmas tree up and pumpkins on the porch.

Here's the annual Thanksgiving photograph. Mike always sets up the tripod and takes a family picture. As I was looking at this picture, I realized that my husband wore the same sweater last Thanksgiving! The picture of us on our sidebar is from Thanksgiving 2007, and John's wearing the same blue striped sweater! The silly guy.

Thanksgiving Number One

Happy Turkey Day! Oh, wait. Thanksgiving was a week ago, wasn't it? Oh, well. Better late than never.

Like most families, we have more than one Thanksgiving dinner to attend. We have a lot of family members to be thankful for! :) It's funny how holiday breaks never really seem like a break; we're always rushing around cleaning, cooking, traveling, etc. 'Tis the season, I guess!

Our first Thanksgiving dinner was Thursday night at my aunt and uncle's. Colter had a ball chasing his cousins around and playing on THE STAIRS. I realized on Thanksgiving Day that I am very thankful that we do not have STAIRS. What a pain! Colter was fine going up, but going down is another story. The kid has no fear. Or fully-developed motor skills for that matter. It was quite a job keeping Colter from plummeting down the stairs, so I really didn't take very many pictures. The few I did take didn't turn out that well--I'll have to ask my sister for some.

Going Up!

Colter did take a break from stair-climbing to take apart my aunt's sofa. He's a busy boy. While Colter was terrorizing the house, his Daddy played five games of pitch. Five! Pitch is my family's card game of choice. I don't think a Sunday goes by without someone playing pitch at my grandparent's house. When the whole family is together, there's at least two games going on.
Here's the kitchen game..
and the living room game.
Would you ever believe that my beautiful, sweet-smiling sister, Jessica ever used the teeth in that pretty smile to bite chunks out of her brother's arm? And leave scars on her sister's arm? She did.In the dining room, the deep thinkers who are frankly getting a little tired of playing the same card game over and over and over again, played ImagineIf. I played in that room, but my sister Courtney beat me! What a punk. Courtney is hidden by my Aunt Robin's head in this picture, but I think she must have been attacking her boyfriend, Nathan (the guy in green). He looks like he's trying to get away from something. He actually usually looks like he's trying to get away from Courtney. She's a nut!
For a little while, I actually got to focus on the game because Poppy, a.k.a. my daddy, entertained Colter and blocked the stairs. I'm not sure what the story is behind the hat, and I'm pretty sure Dad did not intend for me to take his picture in it. I'm really sure he didn't intend for me to, then, post the picture on the Internet. Hee hee. :)
Coming soon: Pictures of Thanksgiving number two!