Friday, October 31, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday-Topless Model

I haven't played Favorite Foto Friday in forever! I've missed it. Sarah said to post our favorite picture of the week today. I've already posted this on my Colter's first haircut post, but I think it's such a funny picture I'm posting it again! Apparently, my silly guy was shy about posing topless. :)


I've been BOOed! I know I haven't been the greatest blogger, but sheesh! You don't have to BOO me, Jenn! :) Just kidding--it's not the you're-a-bad-blogger-so-get-outta-Blogland kind of--boo, it's a have-a-happy-Halloween! kind of boo. At least I think so. Go wish Jenn a happy Halloween!

Have a fun and safe Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Somebody Got a Haircut!

BeforeWhat crazy hair! It might be time for a trim.

Kitty Cat had to come along for bravery.

What is that lady doing?!

Mom, I'm really not sure about this.

I'm not wearing any clothes, Mommy! What are you thinking?!

Do you like my new do?

I'm such a big boy!

Ack! My boy is growing up. He's ready for haircuts and everything. Before I know it he'll be going off to college!!!!

Colter was such a good sport when he got his haircut yesterday evening--he didn't cry at all, even though he was surrounded by paparazzi. Julie the hair stylist probably thought John and I were nuts with our cameras, but we were under strict grandparent orders to document this milestone. :)

I'm such a bad blogger! I am missing out on all sorts of potential posts, but I just haven't had the time. I'm going to have to convince my body that I don't need as much sleep. I miss all you blogging buddies out there! I'm going to try to do better, but I said that a few weeks ago, and we see how that turned out.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sign Me Up!

Why do two-year-olds appear to be oblivious to anything said around them and then suddenly repeat the one thing that is said that they shouldn't repeat? On Wednesday afternoons, Colter and I hang out with a two-year-old named Scarlet. The other day she was sitting on the floor playing when some blocks when I dropped something and said, "Shoot!" Guess what immediately came out of Scarlet's mouth? That's right! She smiled and said, "Shoot!" Then I, knowing her mom probably didn't want her to say that, again said, "Oh, shoot, no wait, um..." Of course, she said shoot again, but I distracted her with some blocks and tried to stop setting a bad example. At least I don't say anything worse than that! :) Well, usually anyway.

After I taught Scarlet how to swear, I showed her how fun it was to flip the lights off and on repeatedly. She would flip off the lights, then I would act all crazy and goofy until she flipped them on again. We did this over and over. Scarlet and Colter had a blast, but the next time she came over and started doing it again I wondered what in the world I had been thinking. I haven't asked her mom if Scarlet has been spending a lot of time at the light switch at home because I don't want her to know where her daughter gets her silly ideas.

I also am afraid poor Scarlet thinks it's okay to climb on coffee tables because I am such an inconsistent disciplinarian!!! Colter has been in a major climb-on-the-coffee-table-mode lately. John is very good about making him stop, and when I think about it, I make him get down too. When I think about it. For some reason I don't really think about anything being wrong every time he climbs up there. I'll just let him climb up and even laugh at him sometimes until I remember, oh yeah--you shouldn't be up there. I've even found myself putting him on the table a few times. Oops. I'm messing up my kid already!!! Colter's got to be so confused as to what the coffee table rules are. :) Not to mention poor Scarlet. When her mom's here, she gets in trouble for trying to climb on the table, but I dance on it with her!!! Okay, not really. If I knew how to dance I might though.

I think I might need parenting classes. Somebody sign me up!!!

P.S. Is our coffee table still a coffee table if we don't drink coffee?

P.P.S. Shanna, if you're reading this, I'm sorry I encouraged your daughter to flip the lights off and on over and over again. Forgive me? Oh, and sorry about the shoot thing too--hopefully she won't drop anything in Sunday school.

P.P.P.S. I don't really have anything else to say. I just wanted to see if I was allowed to have a P.P.P.S. Apparently so.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guess Who Decided to Write a Post?

Help! Send a search party! I've fallen off the face of the blogging earth and am lost in cyberspace! Oh, wait. I'm actually writing a blog post, so I must have found my way. Never mind about the whole search party thing. I'm good. :)

Life has been so busy lately something had to go! Unfortunately for my, like, five devoted readers it was blogging. I believe, however, that life has now calmed back down, so I will be able to present useless drivel for your enjoyment once again. :)

As I mentioned weeks ago, I recently started two part-time jobs. I am teaching a few classes at a local school, and I've had to get used to grading essays while entertaining my one-year-old. I also started teaching online classes for what is supposed to be only 10 hours a week. Now that the students have figured out how the whole online school thing works, and I'm not answering 72 emails a day about technical issues that really have nothing to do with me, I think it's actually going to be less than ten hours a week, so yippee! That will make up for the 20 hours a week I've been spending at first.

I totally didn't mean to start two part-time jobs--it's really my intention to give Colter as much attention as I possibly can before he is stolen from me by the school system in a few short years, but I kind of just fell into both opportunities, and I couldn't say no. I really have to make some cash somehow because milk is like $5.00 a gallon!!!! Okay, so maybe not quite that much, but close!

In addition to my two new jobs, I also tried to sell fine art photography at my hometown's fall festival last week. I spent four nights in a row trying to convince people that they needed my photographs hanging in their homes. It didn't go so well--people seemed to be more interested in the socks at the next lady's booth--but now I have 50 prints, matted, bagged, and ready to go. Maybe I can put them on Etsy or something.

Now that The Great Photography Project is over, I will have more time to blog! Hey, I might even have time to read a few blogs (which I haven't done in forever! I am SO behind. I feel isolated from the world). Anyway, all is fine and dandy with me, I've just been swamped! I'm glad a few people love me and wanted to know where in tarnation I've been! Thanks!