Sunday, September 27, 2009

Colter and Company

Colter has many bedfellows. There's two stuffed kitties, Sine and Tangent (named after our real cats), Boose the Bear, Lambie, Duckie, Bunny, and Austin the Cabbage Patch Kid. Oh, yeah, and Colter. He lined everyone up to pose for a picture. That's one crowded crib! :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Go Turtle Go!

It's perfectly normal to gather terrapins, a.k.a. turtles, pile them under a bucket with a heat lamp to psych them up for a race, then uncover the turtles and stand and cheer while the turtles creep towards a finish line, right? Good, because that's how my small town spends one night a year each fall at the annual festival. Go turtle go!

Colter's contestant
Like many others, Colter wasn't too sure about this odd, I mean perfectly normal, tradition and had no desire to kiss his turtle for a picture like Mommy requested. That's probably for the best. Don't turtles carry salmonella? Colter, Mommy, and Mr. Turtle

Colter's turtle was speedy but small. The poor turtle was denied the taste of victory because I waited too long to have him put under the heat lamp. All the turtles are piled under a bucket, and my strategy was to wait until many other turtles were already there so our turtle wouldn't be piled underneath all the other turtles and be buried in the middle of the pile. I thought it would be better if our turtle was on the top of the pile so he could escape. It didn't work. He was so little he got stuck on top of a bigger turtle and though he kept moving his legs really fast proving he was a winner at heart, he couldn't get off the big turtle and didn't go anywhere! Oh, well. There's always next year!

I'm not sure what this grumpy face was about. I believe I told him to say, "cheese" and this is what I got, but let's pretend this is the face he made when we find out his turtle lost.

Friday, September 11, 2009

FFF-My Boy the Baker

If there is ever a need to distract Colter, all I have to do is ask him if he wants to help Mommy cook something, and he dashes off to the kitchen. He drags his step stool to the mixer and stands ready to dump the ingredients in the bowl or, sometimes, on the floor! I think someday he will have his own show on Food Network. Hopefully, he'll grow out of the habit of licking the bowl quite so enthusiastically. Or at least do that part off camera.
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Word-Filled Wednesday--Miss Taylor's Baby Toes

I haven't participated in Word-Filled Wednesday in forever, but I just had to post this picture of sweet Taylor's itty bitty toes. :) To enjoy more scripture put to photos, go here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colter's B.F.F.

Hi, I'm Austin Colton the Cabbage Patch Kid.

Although I am sometimes tossed from the heights of Mt. Crib, I am Colter's latest best friend. I know he loves me, because he always remembers to get me out of the crib in the morning, but he leaves those other guys, Boose the Bear, Duckie, Bunny, Lambie, and the two stuffed kitties (it's a pretty crowded sleeping arrangement), tangled up in the fleece blanket. Lately Colter has even been feeding me breakfast! I get to sit at the table with Colter, and I get my own bowl of oatmeal and a cup of milk. Colter's mommy finally convinced Colter to use pretend oatmeal and milk. She's such a trouble-maker.

Colter likes to let me play with him. Yesterday, he took me outside and let me hold my own piece of sidewalk chalk and draw a picture. I got to go on a wagon ride, too! I'm glad I live with such a nice boy. Sometimes, he dances with me while his mommy thinks we are just playing and listening to music. I saw her peek in the other day and spy on our dance moves. Sometimes, I think she just needs to mind her own business.

My boy takes very good care of me. He makes sure I have all my clothes, and he brushes my teeth and hair when he thinks about it. He has even been known wipe my little cloth behind with a real wipe and change my diaper. I hope he doesn't wipe off my Xavier Roberts tattoo someday.

Today when Colter got ready to take a nap, he accidentally left me in the living room. I heard him calling, "Autin, Autin!" I tried to run to him, but unfortunately, being stuffed of cotton, I couldn't get me legs to move. Luckily, Colter's mommy rushed to get me and delivered me to my Colter. I guess she's not all bad.