Monday, April 28, 2008

Stuck in a Rut

F.Y.I. While driving through a muddy field, don't stop.
One would think that two reasonably intelligent adults would realize that during a much wetter than normal spring, the ground near a pond might be a tad bit muddy. One would think. This weekend I had the brilliant idea to go on a picnic at my parent's farm. We packed a lunch, loaded up the truck, and headed to find a perfect picnic spot. We drove into the pasture, somehow not noticing how muddy it was, and I told my husband to head towards a few shade trees on the other side of a cool lily pad pond. While driving past the pond, we noticed a bunch of (like eight!) snapping turtles sunning themselves on a concrete thing sticking out of the pond. I, of course, started scrambling around to get my camera, and John stopped the truck. Well, the stinkin' turtles all dived in the water before I could take their picture, so we moved on. Tried to move on, I should say. The truck was stuck! In the thirty seconds we were stopped the tires oozed down into the muck that we hadn't even noticed was there. The truck is a four-wheel drive, but four-wheel drive only works if it's turned on.
This is the tire by the passenger side. On the other side, the tires were a lot deeper, but I didn't want to wallow in the mud to get a picture. My brother, my son, and I jumped ship and started eating lunch while John got the truck out. We had some yard trash in the back of the truck that he put around the tires for traction, so it didn't take too long to get out. Oh, and he turned on the four-wheel drive.

The picture doesn't at all demonstrate how muddy the truck was. When John drove up to our picnic blanket, I almost choked on my turkey sandwich I was laughing so hard!
Here's my brother examining the ruts we made. It's hard to tell, but they were pretty deep. Sorry Mom and Dad. It's all the turtles' fault.

After the great stuck in a rut adventure, I put my boy in his front carrier and went on a farm exploring excursion with my little brother, Sawyer. Sawyer and I had fun, but it put Colter to sleep--not that you can tell from this picture, but he was somehow sleeping soundly hanging from a carrier as I was walking up and down hills, stepping over rocks and limbs, trying not to fall in the mud, etc. Too bad he doesn't sleep as soundly in the comfort of his crib!


Gina said...

I find the getting stuck story hilarious! Glad you got out. Its amazing how Colter will sleep anywhere but his crib. Love ya,

Rachel said...

Hahaha - now the local high school boys would be so proud by the rut and the muddy truck - Colter is a cutie, glad he caught a nap on the nature hike :)

Stephanie said...

You little redneck! Was that Colter's first mudbogging adventure? You are lucky that Colter is such a cute grandbaby for your parents, or you might have been skinned alive after they saw those DEEP tracks.

Heidi said...

The turtles fault! LOL! Those are big ruts. What a memorable picnic.

Mackenzies Momma said...

Gee, that reminds me of the time we got our pea viner stuck this summer. Except they don't have 4 wheel drive.

thanks for stopping by my blog I'll be back again to read more!

Gina said...

Reminds me of one of Derrick's latest trips home, he just had to go check out how high the river was, then he called me at home to see if I was almost done working (I work from home now for CMH) he was stuck and wanted me to come and get him so he could take the tractor back and get his truck out, I made him walk home about a mile and then I rode with him on the tractor and helped him get his truck out. After seeing how muddy it was, I was surprised he even went thru the mud in the first place. I think he learned his lesson. I now wish I had taken my camera with me to get some shots of that mess!!