Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sunscreen and Poppycock

WARNING: Unless you have the metabolism of a hummingbird, DON'T EAT the Poppycock. I had never heard of Poppycock, a scrumdiddlyumptious, chocolaty, nutty popcorn concoction sent from heaven until I read Jennifer's Post Tuesday night. After reading about her addictions to Snapple peach tea and Poppycock, a craving for both suddenly hit me. I'd never tried Poppycock, and it sounded tasty. I was going to sweet talk my husband into going to the store to get me some (he would have went too--he likes to spoil me), but alas, Walgreen's was already closed. I had to wait until yesterday to buy any.

Here's what's left.

Only crumbs! I ate it all! I did share a few pieces with a friend, but I ate almost the whole bag! I did go for a nice long walk at the park though and made myself walk in the direction that meant I had to push the stroller up a giant hill instead of down. Maybe that burned enough calories to make up for the Poppycock. Probably not. Oh well. It was worth it. Poppycock is delectable, but I'm afraid to go back to Walgreen's. I don't think I'd be able to avoid buying more!

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day! Colter and I were at the park for three hours enjoying the almost eighty degree weather. I broke out the sunscreen to protect my baby's precious skin, I brought him a hat and attempted to keep it on his head, and I even brought him a pair of sunglasses even though I know he won't wear them until he's older. Maybe if I put them on repeatedly, he will decide they're okay.

This is what he did with the sunglasses.

At least they entertained him. He was well protected from the sun, but someone wasn't! I am such a genius, that I slathered my boy with sunscreen but didn't bother to put any on myself. My nose is a lovely shade of pink, and I'm going to have a very attractive farmer's tan. I guess I got my vitamin D for the day!


Jennifer said...

LOLOLOL!!! I told you that stuff is addicting! Don't feel bad...I ALWAYS finish the bag myself! The other day my 6 year old daugyter picked up the empty bag and said "Mom, you need to stop eating so much of this stuff." The kids know it's "Mommy's treat" and they better not touch it!

Not Your Regular Mini Van Mom said...

LOL I love that stuff too. My hips don't, but boy do I. Thanks for commenting the other day and tagging me...I just read it, I will make sure to do it this weekend. I haven't played tag in a long time, so thanks again!