Monday, May 5, 2008

Having a Ball

Obviously, I never did get around to posting pictures of Colter having a ball on Friday. Oops. Life has been crazy busy! My friend Gina's life has been much crazier lately. Her son Carter, Colter's buddy, still needs your prayers! He is having surgery tomorrow to remove a tumor in his chest. It's hard to believe that only last Wednesday, everything was fine. Gina and I went to the park with our boys, and now Gina's families' lives are turned upside down. Pray that after the surgery, everything goes back to normal soon, and that's the end of this whole ordeal.
On top of worrying about Carter, we bought a car on Friday (quite a process), and went out of town to visit Colter's Grandma and Grandad for the weekend. Busy! Here's Colter having a ball for Favorite Foto Friday Monday.

My boy loves this exercise ball! He uses it a lot more than I have recently. He likes to have us bounce him up and down on it. I try to hide it from him, because, well, a 10-month old could probably get hurt trying to climb on a giant ball, but he tracks it down. If he sees it, he's ready to play! Not that he's not always ready to play.
No, you don't need to visit the optometrist--this picture is blurry. Someday I'll learn how to zap away blur with Photoshop. He was bouncing up and down and having a ball! See his dimple! I just discovered my passion for dimples about ten months ago. I love this kid's dimple!


Heidi said...

I hope everything goes well with Carter. How scary. On another note, Colter looks so cute sitting atop that big 'ol ball!

Gina said...

I love you and those dimples!