Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Random Memory

Panda Bears are CUTE!
When I was in the first grade, my darling daddy dearest dragged me around to all the neighbors' houses to sell Girl Scout cookies. Because of my father's dedication and willingness to take me door to door, I sold the most cookies in my troop. I was a cookie-selling queen, and I sold around 250 boxes of cookies. That was back when they were $2.00 a box instead of $17.50 like they are now (don't quote me on that--I just know Girl Scout cookies aren't cheap). I know what you're thinking. What do Girl Scout cookies have to do with panda bears? Well, that year some of the prizes for selling certain amounts of cookies were panda related. I won two really cute stuffed pandas with pink bows. I also won a pink bag with purple stars on it that I think my mom still uses for make-up (Do you still use that make-up bag, mom? And why did you take my bag anyway?). There was also a canvas bag with a panda bear on it amongst other prizes that I don't remember. I will forever associate panda bears with Girl Scout cookies.

I came across this picture of a panda when I was searching the Internet for pictures of lightening to use tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. I don't know what panda bears have to do with lightening. As much as they have to do with cookies, I guess. Just thought you'd like to know the cause of my randomness.


Tonya said...

I got tickled at your post on randomness. (You sound a lot like me.. LOL) You've also sparked a craving for girl scout cookies.
O;-) Heehee...

Now, about your Mother's Day gift.. that was just TOO SWEET! It does sound like it'd be TONS of fun! I can't think of anything extraordinarily cool, but if I do I'll come back and share it with you.

Have a GREAT DAY! =-)

Tonya said...

PS.. I think it was you that asked if I used photoshop on the photo of those little birds. I actually "borrowed" that picture from google images. I have photoshop but have YET to read the instructions. Pathetic, I KNOW. lol!