Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Future Helicopter Pilot? Not Likely.

Colter and I had the opportunity to see a Black Hawk Army helicopter on Saturday up close with my friend Gina's family and Rachel and Riley. Colter really enjoyed looking at everything and everyone. He kept pointing at the helicopter and the people looking at it while saying something that sounds sort of like "this." He points and says "this, this" like he's asking what something is. It's super cute. We play that game all the time. Anyway, he acted very interested in the helicopter until...
I put him in the pilot's seat--for like, five seconds.
It doesn't look like I have to worry about my boy running off to join the army. It's just as well. My son being an army helicopter pilot would totally stress me out.


Jenn said...

Aww,that is too cute ,the poor little guy!

Heidi said...

My dad was an army helicopter pilot. And it did stress his mom out! My mom too!