Thursday, July 17, 2008


Someone needs to inform my tomato plants that it is July 17th. They don't seem to realize that the oodles of green tomatoes in the garden should be a glowing crimson by now. Perhaps, the poor things are frightened of becoming the T in the BLT sandwiches I'm craving.

I'm so ready for a nice, juicy, home-grown tomato! The waxy, mealy, poor-excuse-for-a-tomato, store bought tomatoes that I've had to settle for since last summer's tomatoes gave out are just not cutting it anymore! We had such a rainy spring, that I guess they just haven't gotten enough sunshine, and the twelve tomato plants in my garden are taunting me with their greenness. Come on tomatoes! Turn red already! I wanna eat ya!

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Amy T. said...

It must be a slow year for tomatoes. I was at the Farmer's Market yesterday and didn't see any at all.

The first year I grew tomatoes I decided I would learn to can salsa. I thought that would be a good "keep me busy during the summer" project. However, the tomato harvest was heaviest in mid to late August, when I was also trying to get ready to teach another round of kindergartners. I somehow managed to get it all done. Not sure where I found the time and energy then!

You wondered if my sunflowers were planted sooner than yours. Definitely! They were volunteers from last year, and I think they came up in March. They handled the frosts and freezes with no problems at all.

Give everything another week or two, and you will be basking in summer garden glory!