Saturday, July 26, 2008

Thematic Photography-Monochrome

Some things are just better in black and white. Panda bears, zebras, soccer balls, and, oh--oreos! Those oreos with colored filling aren't nearly as tasty--they're just wrong. Just like oreos, some photographs look better in black and white. In fact, some photos that look awful in color are awesome in gray scale. Here's some amateur photography advice--before deleting a photo because the lighting or the coloring looks funny, try converting it to black and white to see if it can be salvaged.

Carmi's thematic photography theme for this week is monochrome. I went with that theme and added one of my own.

I'm not sure where I took this. It's somewhere in a tunnel between
here and Philadelphia. Does anyone else think of Stephen King's
The Stand when they're in a tunnel? Scary. :)Can you guess my theme yet?This car lives in the woods on my family's farm. Doesn't it look sad? I don't know if it's sad because someone wrecked it and left it all alone, because my brother and his friends shot out a few windows with BB guns, or because mice ate it's upholstery. Maybe it's all of the above.
"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back." -Chinese Proverb


smarmoofus said...

I love that tunnel photo! That is sharp! And you're right... colour would just detract from the image. It's perfect just as it is.

Speaking of Oreos, did you see my Wordless Wednesday post? No colour there, I promise. But it might still be a bit overwhelming.

Thanks for dropping by and your kind words. *smile*

Barb said...

Janelle, your pictures are great! Actually, I think I have been in that tunnel, or one like it. We've been through parts of Pennsylvania a few times from the western state line to Gettysburg, York, then down to Baltimore and Washington, DC. The bridge is so awesome -- the midwest is dotted with them. And that poor old car!

I'm glad you liked my dam pictures, and especially glad your family is coming to Branson. Sorry to say that the dam gates have been shut, but Table Rock Lake is still very high. Have a great time here. Also, I have a new blog called The Family Branson that I am writing to promote Branson as not just for seniors any more.

carrie said...

I love the old beat up truck! So much character!!

Carmi said...

I love how you've taken the theme and added your own. Each photo stopped me in my tracks, and all for different reasons. The old car is just so, so sad.