Sunday, August 31, 2008

Helpful Household Hint from Me #1

Good Morning! I have decided to release my inner Martha Stewart and bombard my readers with throngs of amazingly useful household hints. Yeah, I'm totally kidding. I have very few helpful household hints. I know the household basics. For anything more complicated, like getting Colter's Pediped sandals to de-stink, I have to call my mommy or my mother-in-law. In fact, it was Mom who actually informed me of the little known fact I'm going to share with you. Okay, it's probably not a little known fact. Probably everyone in the world already knows this, but I didn't. It makes me feel not as dumb to call it a little known fact.

Are you ready? The household hint number one is--clean your dryer's lint trap! I don't mean just remove the lint, which is what I have always done in the past. The screen needs to be actually scrubbed twice a year. I recently mentioned that our dryer wasn't drying like it should be, and my mom told me that fabric softeners build up on the screen, and even though the screen looks clean, it's actually not. If it's clean, water should run through it. I went home and put my lint screen under running water, and lo and behold, water just pooled on the surface of a seemingly clean lint screen! Ahhh! I immediately scrubbed off the screen and water ran through just like it should. I just hope it's not too late! I hopefully haven't killed my dryer by burning up the motor--or whatever would happen. I don't want to have to go dryer shopping like she did.

So there you have it. The first and probably last entry the "Helpful Household Hints from Me" series. Go clean your lint trap!


Heidi said...

Okay... I am off to check out my lint trap! (Seriously, I think I had better... I never knew this!)

Heidi said...

Thank you for the helpful hint! I didn't know that! I'm going to clean it tomorrow.

Nina said...

I read something once about this and that a dryer fire can be caused if you don't keep your trap cleaned properly. It has been a while since I washed mine so thanks for the reminder.