Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Busy September Days

It's probably obvious that we've been pretty busy at my house from my lack of blogging. Just to demonstrate what some of our days have been like here lately, here's a glimpse into our Sunday.

Sundays always begin with us rushing around trying to make it to church on time (we usually are a few minutes late). I should have brought my camera with us on this particular Sunday, because Colter got promoted to a new Sunday school class! He's officially no longer a creeper; he's now a toddler. He has a new Sunday school room and a new teacher to get used to. He's such a momma's boy, he'll probably get used to the room about the time he switches to the next one.

After church, we got to eat lunch with our friends Joey, Rachel, and Riley! Fun times! We haven't seen them in so long! It was awesome to get together for a little while, and time went much to quickly.

I should have taken a picture with faces.
Colter loved Riley's trampoline! Look at the weird caterpillars on their tree! Eww!After lunch, then it was birthday party time! Colter's cousins had a combine birthday party.
Justin turned two...
and Tristan turned five.Our cousin, Brennan, finally figured out the only way to get Colter to like him is to go outside! Brennan's been trying to get Colter to go to him since Colter was born. He finally had some success!Colter had fun trying to take over Justin's new toys!
After a busy day of church, lunch dates, and birthday parties, we finally made it home to put our cranky, nap-skipping boy to bed.


Heidi said...

Looks like fun! I love that last one where they both have a hold of the toy. Sharing is so hard!

Rachel said...

Hey I like the coloring on this pic of us - if you feel the need to send it to me I'd like that (and the one of Colter is sweet too, can i have that one)

Guess what - I went to go cut those crazy caterpillars off and they were gone - seriously - not even 24 hrs later and the whole tree, well the whole part I looked at was caterpillar free.......where do you think they went?

Jenn said...

Looks like a fun and busy day!

Heidi said...

That photo of Colter going hand in hand with your cousin is priceless! (Might make for a fun surpise present for your cousin to have that framed!)

Busy, busy day, indeed! Good to see you enjoyed all of it while it sped along!

Leesa said...

Didn't Justin just turn two? Or am I crazy?