Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guess Who Decided to Write a Post?

Help! Send a search party! I've fallen off the face of the blogging earth and am lost in cyberspace! Oh, wait. I'm actually writing a blog post, so I must have found my way. Never mind about the whole search party thing. I'm good. :)

Life has been so busy lately something had to go! Unfortunately for my, like, five devoted readers it was blogging. I believe, however, that life has now calmed back down, so I will be able to present useless drivel for your enjoyment once again. :)

As I mentioned weeks ago, I recently started two part-time jobs. I am teaching a few classes at a local school, and I've had to get used to grading essays while entertaining my one-year-old. I also started teaching online classes for what is supposed to be only 10 hours a week. Now that the students have figured out how the whole online school thing works, and I'm not answering 72 emails a day about technical issues that really have nothing to do with me, I think it's actually going to be less than ten hours a week, so yippee! That will make up for the 20 hours a week I've been spending at first.

I totally didn't mean to start two part-time jobs--it's really my intention to give Colter as much attention as I possibly can before he is stolen from me by the school system in a few short years, but I kind of just fell into both opportunities, and I couldn't say no. I really have to make some cash somehow because milk is like $5.00 a gallon!!!! Okay, so maybe not quite that much, but close!

In addition to my two new jobs, I also tried to sell fine art photography at my hometown's fall festival last week. I spent four nights in a row trying to convince people that they needed my photographs hanging in their homes. It didn't go so well--people seemed to be more interested in the socks at the next lady's booth--but now I have 50 prints, matted, bagged, and ready to go. Maybe I can put them on Etsy or something.

Now that The Great Photography Project is over, I will have more time to blog! Hey, I might even have time to read a few blogs (which I haven't done in forever! I am SO behind. I feel isolated from the world). Anyway, all is fine and dandy with me, I've just been swamped! I'm glad a few people love me and wanted to know where in tarnation I've been! Thanks!


Jenn said...

Yes , you should try there or on here to sell them,glad everything is ok with you and you were just busy.

Gina said...

Yeah, So glad you finally posted. I knew I would leave that darn coffee cup in your bag. I left it at church last Wednesday and well now I am still without it after finding it.
Love you!

Gina said...

I've missed your blog posts, so it was good to see one this morning.

jill marie said...

I was wondering where you went!!!!!!!!!!

Put them on Etsy and advertize on your blog... MANY of us may buy them... and link it on ours....!

Missed ya!

Rachel said...

Yeah for Jenelle - I'm so glad you are black in our blogging world!! I think you should definitely etsy your pics - they were pretty and people would/should definitely by them!!

Heidi said...

I'm proud to be one of your 5 devoted readers. ;) Well, I forgive you it does sound like you have been super busy! I don't think I could juggle all that! You should totally try to sell your pics on Etsy or even on your blog. I'd link them too! You are a great photographer.

Heidi said...

Don't worry about not blogging... I have been so busy that I have not checked out anyone's blog for a while now either!

I would love to see your photos, too! Cool that you are ready to sell them!

Amanda said...

Glad you are back and have wondered where you've been. I always come here for a good laugh!

Steve & Amy said...

Welcome back:)