Thursday, October 30, 2008

Somebody Got a Haircut!

BeforeWhat crazy hair! It might be time for a trim.

Kitty Cat had to come along for bravery.

What is that lady doing?!

Mom, I'm really not sure about this.

I'm not wearing any clothes, Mommy! What are you thinking?!

Do you like my new do?

I'm such a big boy!

Ack! My boy is growing up. He's ready for haircuts and everything. Before I know it he'll be going off to college!!!!

Colter was such a good sport when he got his haircut yesterday evening--he didn't cry at all, even though he was surrounded by paparazzi. Julie the hair stylist probably thought John and I were nuts with our cameras, but we were under strict grandparent orders to document this milestone. :)

I'm such a bad blogger! I am missing out on all sorts of potential posts, but I just haven't had the time. I'm going to have to convince my body that I don't need as much sleep. I miss all you blogging buddies out there! I'm going to try to do better, but I said that a few weeks ago, and we see how that turned out.


Rachel said...

Look at that handsome little man - glad he was a good sport about the whole ordeal, and man he just gets cuter everyday!

Gina said...

It's amazing how different they can look with a haircut isn't it!!! Derrick had so much hair his first haircut was at 6 weeks, No Lie!!!!
I've missed reading new stuff on your blog, but can understand your a bit busier these days with teaching. So it was a nice surprise to see a new post today.

Jenn said...

He looks so cute with his new do !

Jenn said...

I just boo-ed you come see !

Gina said...

I forgot to tell you how cute he looks yesterday. I was really scared when you told me you were getting his haircut, but its adorable!

Jennifer said...

LOVE the new do! So very GQ!