Monday, February 9, 2009

Colter's Comfort(?) Habit

Some kids suck their thumbs for comfort. Some twirl their hair. My kid ties his hair in knots! Well, not normally. But when he didn't feel so hot during his itchy penicillin rash days, he was twirling his hair more than usual and ended up with this in his hair!

Thankfully, it was a pretty easy knot to untie, and we didn't have to shave his head.

Colter does twirl his hair when he gets sleepy or doesn't feel good. It's so cute! What I really love though is when I'm holding him and he plays with my hair. I love holding my sleepy boy while he's using my hair as a security blanket. It's so sweet; he just melts my heart. My boy has got me wrapped around his little finger. My hair that is.


Rachel said...

Ha - made me think of Gina and her hair twirling knots :)

I'm a sucker for Riley playing with my hair too - it's just so sweet, love it love it (and love that you are blogging again too!)

Jenn said...

That is funny !

Heidi said...

That is a great photo! It will bring up all these memories! So sorry he had the "spot" reaction, too!

Have not visited in a while... hope all has been good with you!

Leesa said...

Oh dear, something else he might have gotten from Nana... I hate to admit it but I tie my hair in knots. It's a terrible secret obsession I have. :)