Thursday, February 19, 2009

Our Little Helper--A List of 19 on the 19th

I don't know how I ever got anything done before our boy moved in. He's such a helper! To prove it, I've listed, in no particular order, just some of the many things Colter does to help out.

1. He helps me spend less money by emptying all the credit cards out of my wallet and hiding them.

2. When it's time to "go go" he loads his bag up with diapers and wipes.

3. He helps me brush my teeth--in fact, sometimes the only way we can get his teeth brushed is if I let him brush mine.

4. Every morning after we eat breakfast, he's ready to feed the kitty cats! He puts their food in the bowl for them. Never mind that he almost always spills some on the deck--the birds appreciate it.

5. He also takes good care of his stuffed cats--he got into the real cat's food once while I was on the phone and dumped cat food all over his room for his stuffed kitties! It was really cute. Messy--but cute.

6. He puts the silverware in the drawer for me--unfortunately, sometimes he puts dirty silverware away, too. :)

7. He's a great laundry man. He has been helping us sort of fold laundry for ages, but now he's branched out to sorting it into Mommy, Daddy, and Colter piles. He puts the clothes in the washer for me, closes the lid, and turns all the knobs (sometimes even to the right setting). He also has been known to fill up a clothes basket to take it to the laundry room all by himself before.

8. He helps me with my Bible study homework. When I'm working on one page, he scribbles on the next. I have a very decorated Beth Moore Bible study book!

9. Just recently, he's started to want to help me cook a lot. He climbs up on the step stool and puts ingredients in for me. So cute!

10. One day a week, I babysit a one-year-old and a two-year-old. When anyone needs a diaper change, Colter lays out the diapers for me and hands me wipes (even though, he usually doesn't cooperate for his own diaper changes).

11. Speaking of diaper changes, there's been a few times when Colter has pretended he needed a diaper change. He lays out the diaper, gets the wipes, and lies down on the floor. When I open the wipes, he snatches a wipe and runs to the TV to wipe it off! He can't open the wipes himself, and I normally don't let him waste the wipes wiping everything in the living room down anyway, but he's smart enough to pretend to need a diaper change to get the wipe he wants. Tricky boy!

12. He wipes my nose for me.

13. And wants to wipe my butt! The little girl I baby sit for is being potty-trained, and Colter has seen me wipe her after she goes potty. Colter will follow me in to the bathroom and try to wipe me when I'm done! Oh, brother.

14. He like to help me put on chap stick--sometimes he even gets it on my lips.

15. He helps us get dressed. He knows where all John's clothes are and will get pants and socks out for him. He holds out our shoes for us and helps us pull on our socks. He even pulls my shirt over my head!

16. He helps me vacuum. Whenever I vacuum, I have to hold him, so he can hold the cord up for me. Plus, the vacuum scares him, so he needs his mommy, but don't tell him that I know the real reason.

17. He sets the table by putting napkins and silverware on it.

18. He loves to dust--I spray the Pledge and he wipes.

Lastly, even though I could keep going for quite some time...

19. Colter helps me feel more loved, fulfilled, and appreciated. He helps me smile more, laugh more, and love more. Colter helps me cherish each day and reminds me what a gift life is!


Gina said...

WOW, Colter is a good little helper. I had to laugh out loud at some of these. He sure sounds like a clever little guy.

Jenn@mylifewiththecrazies said...

What a good mommys little helper. Love that age... then they grow up to be like my 6 yr old who actually DOES the cooking... he is so talented... maybe his very own restaurant someday! Yum!!

Heidi said...

You do have quite the helper! Does he eat the cat food? Jake loves dog food, we have to really watch him with that! That's so sweet you let Colter brush your teeth!

Rachel said...

Man I love that little helper - I mean big helper, please don't ever tell him I said little :)

Steve & Amy said...

What a sweet helper!