Friday, March 20, 2009

FFF- Look What We Found!

Big kids are bullies. Well, probably not all big kids, but there's always a kid or two at the park that I have to make sure doesn't run over my baby. At the large, really nice park in our town, the playground equipment isn't really suitable for almost two-year-olds and especially on warm spring days when there is three gazillion kids at the park, it can be hard to keep Colter from getting ran over or pushed down. It's not like kids go out of there way to run over little ones, but they get so excited in their play, that they just aren't very careful.

We discovered a solution! My friend Gina told us about a little park that's perfect for toddlers. We had it all to ourselves, too! It was so much fun. Colter loved it, and I'm pretty sure the park is going to be our new hang-out. It's only a mile away from our house (I'm pretty observant, huh?), so we can walk there to play. Hooray!

Colter and his friend Carter were spinning the wheels so fast, their hands are a blur!

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Rachel said...

Awe - I love the one of the two boys driving - maybe if Riley comes to a playdate she can play there too

Jennifer said...

Who's bullying Colter? Huh? HUH?? I'm gonna git'em!!

BTW - I'm your 9,000th hit...does that make me special???

Kim & Dave said...

I soooo agree about parks!! Also about restaurant play places!!!!

How great you found a little park for your cutie!!!