Monday, May 18, 2009

Colter's Nest

When I was little, I used to build nests on the floor. I remember my siblings and I using blankets and pillows to fashion cozy, round beds and pretending we were birds. Colter already knows that game, and I didn't even show him how to play! The other day Colter and I were playing Little People on the floor in his room. It wasn't quite nap time, but it was getting close. Colter lost interest in the toys and started pulling the blanket and pillow through his crib slats and onto the floor. Then he grabbed a bunch of stuffed animals and placed them around the "nest" he was building. Next, he dragged me to the window, had me pull down the shade, turned off the light, dragged me to the door, and shut the door in my face! I peeked in, and he had curled up in his blanket on the floor and was preparing to take a nap with his animals. The silly guy! I wish nap time was that easy everyday. :) He took a nice long nap, but when he woke up, he was kind of freaked out--I think he forgot that it was his idea to sleep on the floor. Here he is after he cheered up! Nothing a little cartoons won't cure.

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Rachel said...

You know I'm continually amazed how kids can pick up things from us that they've never seen anymore (like Riley is just as picky about her socks as I am - seams have to be just right you know, she likes her corn cooked on the cob but cut off and left in hunks if at all possible and all kinds of other crazy things). Love love love his nest, but I bet he was confused when he woke up!!