Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Meese Park

I learned something new about Colorado this summer. In the north central part of Colorado, they have moose! I knew there were a few moose here and there, but in the State Forest State Park, there is actually a healthy moose population. Real moose--not just stuffed moose like this one...According to a handy dandy brochure we picked up about the park, there are approximately 600 moose in the 71,000 acre park. That doesn't seem like a lot, but the park is really an excellent place to view moose (WHY is the plural of goose, geese, but the plural of moose is just moose? Why not meese? I can't tell you how many students have asked me that question). Being that it seemed to be constantly raining at State Forest State Park while we were there, and we were camped in an isolated campground with no water hydrant and icky pit toilets, we didn't plan on staying there for long, so I didn't really think we would see any moose. I thought the following picture would be my only proof that there are actually moose in Colorado.
But then I was able to photograph this little moose in the visitor's center. Isn't my boy a cute moose? He got to try on moose ears, feel moose fur, see moose tracks, and learn lots of things about the wildlife in the forest.Then a giant moose walked right up to the visitor's center.

Colter gave him some kisses and discovered that the moose was an impostor. It was made of wire. Neat!
Later that day though, we saw three real moose! We had seen sign that said to watch out for moose at night, so at dusk we drove around looking for moose. We had actually given up and were headed to my mom's camp for smores when we saw one. Then, on the way to our campground which was about 5 miles away from mom's, we saw two more moose! I wasn't able to get a very good picture from a moving car in the dark of a moving moose, but look closely! It's there! :)

Meese are so cool! I mean moose. :)


Jacylann Nix said...

how fun! love the moose ears!!

Rachel said...

Eeewww - moose poop :)