Tuesday, August 11, 2009

¡No hablo Espanol!


Warning: This post is full of whining and complaining. When writing this post, the author threw Philippians 2:14 out the window. Proceed with caution.

I have to teach myself Spanish before sometime next spring, and I am NOT excited. Long, long ago, I earned 24 hours towards a master's of arts degree. After I started working full time, I did not take anymore classes and basically ignored the fact that I needed to learn a foreign language and take three more classes to finish the degree. One of the stipulations of earning the degree is finishing it in eight years. I have somehow gotten so old, that this is my last year to finish it!!!

Sigh. I don't wanna go back to school!!!!!!! Sigh again. It would be really silly to just let those graduate hours go to waste, but I don't wanna go!!!! Really! I registered anyway though. Yet another sigh. There actually are several classes that I would be interested in taking, but since I'm a full-time mommy, I have to take classes that fit the best with our family's schedule. I signed up for the only online class offered, southeast Asian writers (I have never heard of any of the authors listed!!!!!!), and a form and theory of poetry and prose class on Wednesday nights. Blech. These two classes, which are very near the bottom of classes I would have chosen if scheduling wasn't an issue, are going to cost around $1600!!! Double blech. I think I will get a $500 grant, so maybe the classes won't seem so ridiculously priced. I guess everything is ridiculously priced now though. What's a gallon of milk up to now? Twenty smackers? :)

I'm one of those weird people that really liked school and love to learn, so even though I'm being awfully negative about going back to school, I'll honestly probably like the English classes I have to take. The problem is going to be somehow learning Spanish! For a master of arts, recipients have to know a foreign language. The language requirement can be met by taking classes or passing a test. The classes would cost another $1600, so I'm going to try to teach it to myself and pass the test. Pray that I have an aptitude for foreign language!!!! :) I've checked out some stuff from the library and am using a CD that I got for free somewhere. I might have to start watching Dora the Explorer soon. I have discovered, however, that my husband somehow knows any word or phrase I throw at him, so hopefully having him as a tutor will help. I knew he had three years of Spanish in high school but didn't know he remembered anything. The man is full of mysteries. :) I wonder what other secrets he has kept from me? Maybe he has a secret bank account in Switzerland...

I'm done complaining. For now.


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