Monday, December 28, 2009


I want to always remember my sweet boy's experiences with Grandma's snowman. At Grandma and Grandad's house, a metal dancing snowman appears during the winter months. The snowman dances and sings "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" when its sensors are activated. Last winter when Colter was one, he wasn't so sure about the snowman. In fact, it kinda freaked him out! When Colter and the noisy contraption first met, Colter would run to Mommy! Then, his mischievous cousins taught Colter to hit the snowman on the head to make it sing, so Colter decided that if his cousins thought Mr. Wonderland was funny, than the noisy snowman must be all right. We have some amusing video of a cute toddler hitting the man on the head and running away giggling.

Last spring, when we visited Colter's grandparents after the snowman had been put away, Colter wanted to know where it was. This Christmas, when the snowman was back, Colter was reunited with his old friend. He had a few moments hesitation again, but pretty quickly he remembered how to whack the poor metal man on the head to get him to dance and sing. Colter and the snowman are friends now. I'm pretty sure Colter will always associate Christmas at Grandma and Grandad's with this snowman. I don't know what we'll do if Colter gets too aggressive and breaks him! It would be a tragic loss of a Christmas tradition---the whacking the metal man on the head tradition. :)

As a side note that proves I'm blogging way after the fact but pretending that it's actually still December and not March, when Colter went to visit Grandad and Grandma last week, he asked me before he left if the snowman would be there. He wanted to sing "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" with his metal buddy. :)

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Rachel said...

Awe - I love that pic (and your sneaky blogging after the fact).

Good luck tomorrow!