Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh Where Oh Where Has My Sleeping Boy Gone?

Nap time has gotten interesting this week. My boy has been boycotting his bed, and I've tried numerous ploys to get him to take a nap. I've moved his mattress to the floor, let him make a nest with his stuffed animals on the floor, let him sleep in the recliner in his room, etc. I don't care where he sleeps, I just want him to sleep! While I love to play with and entertain Colter, alone time has its value as well. There's a reason God designed children to need lots of sleep. :)

Since Colter has been completely anti-crib during the afternoon, I've resorted to letting him sleep on Mommy and Daddy's bed, which seems to work. The only problems is, he goes missing! When I go to wake him up, he's not in the bed. I found in the closet on top of a storage bin the other day. Today when it was time to get him up, I could not find him. It was bewildering. :) I finally spied his head sticking out from under the bed in the narrow place between our bed and the wall where I stick things like the fan and exercise ball so the room doesn't look cluttered. I pulled him out from under the bed before I thought to get the camera, but here's the sleeping boy anyway. He was actually about halfway under the bed and the much of the rest of him was hidden by the dust ruffle. Sneaky boy! What's wrong with sleeping on a nice, comfy mattress anyway?

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