Friday, December 25, 2009


Some people can say and do the most ridiculous things and get away with it, while some get committed. Fortunately, my sister is one of those that can get away with crazy behavior and people just smile and laugh at her. What? Courtney just bit some guy on the leg? Oh, ha ha! Don't worry--she's had her shots. Really? Courtney just laughed at the lady and called her a hooker? Awww...what a cute thing to say. Seriously, my silly sister can do the most outrageous, goofy, insane things, and no one cares! She just flashes her beautiful smile, and people think she's just kidding. Well, I have news for you people. She's not kidding! She really is a nut! I love and adore her, would do anything for her, and wish that I got to see her beautiful face and listen to her absurdities every day, but I sometimes worry that she's certifiable. Not really. She's just a nutter, a loveable nutter, but a nutter all the same.

Courtey and her antics are often the life of the party, and she is a master at creating hilarious, memorable moments as exemplified this Christmas. My siblings, the significant others in our lives, and I draw names for a gift exchange each Christmas. John drew Courtney's name. Among the various things on Courtney's list was a camera cleaning set, books (not dumb ones), earrings, moccasins, a paddle ball, and a plastic Indian man. That's right. A paddle ball and a plastic Indian man. What does a twenty-three-year-old need with a paddle ball and a plastic Indian man? Where did she even get the idea to write a plastic Indian man on her list? She's goofy, I tell you. Goofy!

Well, what Courtney wants, Courtney gets no matter how bizarre, so one of the things we bought Courtney was a plastic Indian warrior and Mom and Dad gave her moccasins. Here she is posing with both. This girl doesn't look one bit crazy........(wink, wink).
The two gifts complement each other. I LOVE my goofy, silly, plastic-Indian-man loving sister.

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