Saturday, January 9, 2010

Heat Wave!

Break out the bathing suits! After several days of two degree weather and bitter wind chills, the temps topped out at eleven today with no wind. Such a warm day warrants some outside time. You think I'm kidding, but eleven degrees really did feel warm today. Colter and I played outside for at least 45 minutes and were not cold at all; however, our cheeks did get rosy!
Part of the reason we were toasty warm was because of the beautiful sunshine today. After several days of it being too cold to get out, it was nice to feel the sunshine and see some blue sky. My little angel

Mommy and Me Angels
It is so weird to have a winter that seems like winter. Before this year I could count the number of times there has been a good snow (not ice) since John and I got married on one hand. In fact, I bought him a sled five years ago that was never used until this winter. We've had enough snow to play in this winter though that I've lost track. It's been nice for a change, but I'm okay with skipping the two-degree-weather days. Snow is great, but let's keep the temperatures in at least the twenties, shall we? Here that weatherman? Twenties, please. Thank you.

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