Friday, February 12, 2010

One Lump or Two?

Do other little boys have tea parties? If they don't, they should because my little boy thoroughly enjoys them. Nana has rubbed off on Colter (my mom has a thing for tea parties, see this post). I don't know any other two-year-olds that like to drink hot tea for breakfast, but Colter does. He also likes so set up a tea party picnic for his favorite stuffed friends, and they munch on delicious toy fruits and vegetables. I can't get Colter to eat his real veggies, but he's more than happy to eat a plastic ones (for pretend, of course). We've had a tea party everyday this week, and I'm getting kind of tired of plastic potatoes, but if pretend tea parties make Colter happy, I'm happy.Our party was so wild today it wore Colter and the guests out! Notice the basketball. Colter was missing Daddy today, so he insisted on taking a nap with Daddy's basketball. He associates his Daddy with basketball and pizza--I'm glad he chose to take a nap with the basketball.

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Leesa said...

Colter just has sophisticated taste :) You made me wish we had planned an Easter Tea instead of a cookout! lol