Friday, April 23, 2010

Nature Painting

At some point in life, the desire to sit on the floor and participate in imaginative play for hours disappears. Old people can only play Little People or party with stuffed animals for so long. I'm old now and have toy A.D.D. My job title is mommy; duties include playing with my son, but I only have the patience to play toys for a half hour or so, so we do lots of projects at our house. We "play school" or make crafts--not craps. (INSIDE JOKE--when my niece was little, she always pronounced "crafts" as "craps." She would ask Nana, "Can we make some craps?" I love speech impediments).

I got the idea for our latest project from this site. First we went on a scavenger hunt adventure walk and found a bunch of cool stuff like pine cones, flowers, and sticks. Then we used the found items as paint brushes and made cool designs. Colter thought it was weird to paint with items that weren't paintbrushes, so he had to use a paintbrush too. Look at the cool dandelion prints. I think I'm going to go into business making canvases of dandelion art for people to hang above their couches...Dandelion Divans. Don't steal my idea. And for your viewing pleasure, my kiddo's "cheese" smile--the fake one that gets plastered on his face if I ask him to smile for the camera. OH, how I love this boy!

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