Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hammock Hogs

I didn't get a turn on the hammock,
but that's all right.
Someday, I'll have my own hammock to lounge on
and trees big enough to hold it up.
I'll spend summer afternoons reading under the trees
and spend summer nights gazing up at the stars.
I would covet my mom's hammock,
but it's probably broken now.
After her grand kids spent Saturday afternoon
in an epic stay-on-the-hammock battle.
Silly grand kids, hammocks are for ME.


Jenn said...

I use to love the one at my grandparent's house house when I was a kid. I want to get one here for when the kids go out to play.

Leesa said...

It would take more than those kids to hurt that hammock! You should see Courtney and Sawyer fighting over it. Those children are not all my grandkids either... isn't that Bryson in the corner?

Jenelle said...

I should have been more specific, Mom. Yes, your nephew is on the hammock, too. At one point five of your grandkids and two of your nephews were on it! It was a full hammock.

beingzaraandzidan said...

wow! i like ur blog & ur kids are adorable!
Do visit me if u get a chance!