Saturday, May 1, 2010

What Is It?

My parents gave me a Canon PowerShot for Christmas for the times I don't have my larger SLR camera with me. With my cute little point and shoot, I'm always armed and ready to flash my subjects. With the camera, I mean. I only flash people with cameras. Well...usually, that is. ;) Due to my inability to read instruction manuals in a timely manner, I only recently discovered that my new camera has a macro setting. How cool is that? I love macro photography and someday want a macro lens, but my PowerShot will work for now.

To celebrate this discovery, let's have a guess-what-the-macro-shot-is-of contest! Leave a comment and guess what the photographs feature.

1. This one should be easy. 2. Hmm... 3. Even though this is a bit blurry (it's hard to hold still enough), the macro setting really impressed me with this shot.4. This one too. My little camera can really zoom in!
5. Okay, so this one's blurry, but it's kinda cool.

The first person to guess them all wins....the privilege of knowing you're smart! No prize. Sorry. I'm poor. But don't you want to prove to the world (well, the five people that will read this) that you're a genius? :)
ANSWERS: 1. Dandelion 2. Juniper Berries 3. Jeans 4. Concrete Driveway 5. Cat Toy
Rachel's the winner with three correct answers! :) Thanks for playing ladies.


Amy T. said...

I love guessing games!

1. dandelion
2. blueberry bush
3. scarf
4. birdbath
5. plastic toddler toy (sorry to be generic)

I hope I win!

Just did some catching up on your blog. I also have a "hamper" which contains dry-clean only clothes. Once I finally got them out and moths had eaten through my cashmere sweaters. Oops. Keep up the good writing!

Rachel said...

Sooooo my votes are.....
1. yellow flower
2. another flower about to bloom
3. either a sweater or jeans
4. cement driveway
5. plastic bath toy

I think I won't win though because I'm not very specific.

love you!