Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Missouri Travels 2010--Part IV Animal Taming at Compton Ridge

Well, we somehow survived the night in a pop-up camper during a heat wave. The poor pop-up's air conditioner ran all night long, but it survived as well. While waiting for the pool to open at the campground, Compton Ridge in Branson, Missouri, Colter spent some time taming the animals at the playground. He may have a future in the circus, although the gorilla almost got the best of him.

Normally, Compton Ridge is a great place to stay in Branson. It has nice, shady campsites, a couple of pools, a fun playground, and it's close to Silver Dollar City. I just don't really recommend planning a trip when it's over 100 degrees. :) That's the way it worked out for us this time though! It was still fun, but after playing at the playground and swimming in the pool, we headed home to the A.C..

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