Friday, October 8, 2010

Missouri Travels 2010 Part V--Lake of the Ozarks State Park

Before it gets cold, we were able to squeeze in one last camping trip. Originally, we had a big camping party planned; my mom, brother, sister and her boyfriend, aunt, cousins, my niece and nephews were all supposed to go with us. First, my mom got sick and backed out so that ruled out her, my brother, niece, and nephews. Then, my aunt who must not be able to function without my mother backed out, so there went my aunt and cousins. Fortunately, we could count on my sister and her boyfriend to still go, so since we have a camping-obsessed boy on our hands, we decided to go ahead with our plans. We told Colter we were going, we cleaned up the camper, we packed, and THEN at the last minute my sister backed out too!!!! GRRRRR. That's okay. Who needs a camping party anyway? We had a nice, quiet three-person camping trip and spent some time enjoying the beautiful fall colors WITHOUT my flaky family. So there. :)
Colter to John: "When I was your age, I used to wear a monkey suit and climb in the trees. There was candy in the trees, and I used to pick it."
Fishing from the camper?
Pretty fall leaves!
Handsome Men By a Funky Tree
So many beautiful colors!

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