Sunday, October 17, 2010

One Last Camping Trip

I've always thought that I would never be able to raise chickens for meat because I would never be able to butcher them. I thought I preferred to leave that messy business up to someone a little less squeamish. I was wrong. After tonight, I'm pretty sure I could totally kill a certain rooster. Pop off it head with a broomstick, chop it off with a butcher knife, twist it off with my bare hands, or any other method of chicken slaughtering, I think I can handle it now.

Ever since Colter got a tent for his birthday, he has been asking and asking to camp in our backyard in it. Well, the tent is pretty small for a 5' 7" woman, and the ground is pretty hard for someone who is accustomed to sleeping on pillow top mattresses, so I came up with the brilliant idea of taking Colter camping in his tent on my parents' trampoline. It was a brilliant idea! Trampolines are pretty comfy and the night was perfect for camping.
However, I didn't think about HIM. This future chicken pot pie and his infernal crowing!
I thought roosters were supposed to crow at sunrise, but I was wrong. This rooster anyway, starts crowing about 2 a.m. and keeps it up until sunrise! He's demented! Here Colter and I are in a tent on a trampoline in my parent's backyard, and this stupid rooster kept crowing and crowing and CROWING! AAAAAHHHHHH! I wanted to kill him.
Between my dad getting home in his noisy truck really late (fall harvest time), the rooster crowing, the cats crawling underneath the trampoline trying to figure out what the crazy people were doing, the hound treeing some animal, my dad getting up really early to head back to the fields, and my sister pulling away at 6 a.m. to go to work, I DIDN'T GET MUCH SLEEP. Needless to say, although Colter slept through everything, we will not be camping on the trampoline again any time soon.
Noisy Rocket the Hound Dog

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