Tuesday, March 25, 2008

After Much Anticipation...Easter Pictures!

I know you are anxiously awaiting the moment when I will finally get around to posting Colter's Easter pictures. I don't want anyone to get too impatient and form an angry mob demanding to see cute baby photos, so here they are! The moment has arrived!

Colter's First Easter
As you can tell, Colter liked Easter! Except for his meltdown in the church nursery that is, but he does that every time I leave him there.
He loves plastic eggs! He took his cousins' eggs that were filled with coins and candy and shook them to make them jingle. Future famous maraca player perhaps? He loved shaking them so much that there are seven scattered around on our living room floor, so he can shake away. They're filled with Cheerios though, so I don't have to worry about him eating a penny or choking on a jelly bean. My sister ate a penny when she was a toddler. I won't describe what we had to do to make sure it didn't get stuck somewhere. Eww.
Colter and His Easter Basket
Here's Colter with his Easter basket. I LOVE this hat!
Colter Eating Easter Basket
I love his hat, Colter loves chewing on things.
Easter is fun, Mom,
but why did you stick me in a flowerpot?

My mom, the Photoshop guru, fixed some of these photos for me to make them all professional looking. Aren't they fabulous? One of the next things to do on my list is become a Photoshop expert like her, but before I do that, I have lots of homework to do!

CONFESSION: I'm doing a Beth Moore Bible study called Jesus the One and Only (which I love, by the way--If you've never done a Beth Moore Bible study before you should try it), and I haven't done my homework! Each week, the study has five lessons that take 25 minutes or so, and I haven't done mine! Bible Study is tomorrow, and I have three more lessons to go! Oops!

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Stephanie said...

Hey Jenelle,
Cute, Cute, Cute pictures of Colter. My favs are the flowerpot and chewing the basket. Alex has always been a chewer aka lab puppy/boy. He used to have a Clifford the Big Red Dog. Now, it is Clifford the Big BALD dog!!! Maybe it will make it onto my FFF one of these days. My son is 5 and still chews on stuff like drink straws and cloth handles on bags. I bet Colter will still be chewing for a while, too.

About the penny that your sister swallowed, Alex swallowed one of those as well. So, I know what your family had to do...Poop Patrol! haha

Thanks for stopping by today with an encouraging word.
Your sister in Christ,

P.S. Your profile says that you are a new blogger and that you think you could get addicted to it easily. Have you??? I think I have!