Friday, March 21, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday: Easter Memories

Here’s one of the reasons I decided it would be way fun to have a blog! Not too long ago I came across a blog called Kiss the Frog 4 me on my mom’s list of 100s of blogs she’s a fan of. Every Friday, Sarah, the author of the blog, picks a photography theme, and blog authors that want to participate post photographs that fit the theme. How cool is that? Today's theme is Easter Memories.

Most of my Easter memories take place at a wiener roast. That's right, instead of a ham dinner (or whatever other people eat on Easter), my family roasts hot dogs and marshmallows down by the creek! Unless it's too cold of course, and then we have a bonfire at my Grandma's house and eat indoors. I never knew this was kind of a strange tradition until I was grown and married, because it just so happens, my best friend's family has always done this too! I don't know who decided we should eat hot dogs on Easter, or what it has to do with Jesus (maybe the hot dogs represent the souls that will, um, roast if they don't accept Jesus as the Lord), but it's always a blast!

Since I didn't have my own little guy to take pictures of last Easter, this is my nephew blowing bubbles at the Easter wienie roast a few years ago.
Here's my niece, ready to tailgate!
Our Easter dinner! Very formal.
I'm sure I'll have a lot of photos to post of Colter's first Easter soon. We're ready to start making Easter memories with him!
Though I don't have any Easter photos yet, I do have some cute bath time pictures of my little guy. Don't you love the mohawk?
I'm just sure he's wondering why his mommy is flashing the camera in his face when he's nakey!
All clean!


Jennifer said...

Hello! I found you through Kiss the Frog 4 Me! What a precious little guy you have! My babies are all getting bigger now and I can't wrap them up in their towel after bath and tote them around anymore (well, I guess I could but I doubt they'd like it very well!).

Anyway - I enjoyed your blog! Welcome to FFF!


Sarah said...

Welcome to FFF! Your little Colter is just the cutest! I know you will be making many "first" memories with him in the years to come!!

Stephanie said...

Hi Jenelle,
Thank-you so much for stopping by my blog on Friday for FFF. I am behind b/c we went to see family this weekend, so I am just now getting caught up. We had a great time with our family, but a hot dog roast sounds like a fun Easter tradition.

I am a new blogger, too! Isn't it fun?? I saw on your profile that you like to read and we have some similar interests. I just finished reading some of the Little House on the Prairie books.
Happy Easter

P.S. Colter is a cutie potootie, but I guess you knew that all ready.

Amy T. said...

Hi Jenelle! Sarah B told me about your blogs. Colter is so cute! Keep up the blogging. It can be a lifeline to the outside world. Glad to see you are doing so well.