Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cabin Fever

RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY! I want spring. I want 70 degrees. I'm tired of the warm days being rainy, and the sunny days being cold and windy. Rain is great, and I guess too much rain is better than too little (except for residents of a flood plain), but we've gotten so much rain lately it's ridiculous! If April Showers come in March, what happens to the May flowers? And do the April showers become April monsoons? I'm ready for nice, warm walks outside. I'm ready to sit on our deck and wish the neighbors' dogs would all get sent to the pound. I'm ready to dig in the dirt and plant something. Most of all, I'm ready for the trees to get some leaves!!!!

LOOK at this tree! How long is it going to stand in my yard NAKED?! Put some leaves on, man.

It's so close to budding. Almost there!

I'm ready for the trees to look like this.

And this. By the way, since it's April now, and surely the weather will warm up soon, I decided I'd better get serious about my baby weight/stomach pooch that apparently isn't going to just disappear on it's own. My spring clothes are not going to fit if I don't do something drastic, so today I worked out for TWO hours and ate only CELERY and CARROTS!

Absolutely no Easter candy.

Or peanut butter.

April Fools.


Motherhood for Dummies said...

at least you have some grass. We just have snow and puddles of water where the grass lays about 3 inches down. Hopefully we will get spring here too :)

Dianthe said...

Well said.