Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend Moments of Mommybrain

Moment number 1: Earlier in the week while I was making dinner, I needed some cheddar cheese for cheesy potatoes. I knew I had bought a block of cheese a week or so before, but it was no where to be found. The cheese was AWOL. I started to think I had dreamt buying cheese. Friday, guess what I found in the trunk. Yep, a shriveled up block of cheddar.

Moment number 2: Saturday when my husband wanted a frozen pizza for lunch, I kindly asked him if he wanted me to stick his oven in the pizza for him.

Moment number 3: Saturday night my family went to a teacher appreciation dinner that one of my math teacher husband's students invited us to. We got an invitation quite awhile back showing that the party would have a "camp-out" theme. Hmm...Camp-out...people camp outside...right? One might need a jacket at an April camp-out...right? I brought a jacket of course...wrong.

Moment number 4: Sunday afternoon while I was making some B.L.T. dip I somehow managed to fling the mayonnaise lid across the room, and a blob of mayo ended up on the floor behind our 55 gallon aquarium. I'm going to have to learn some acrobatic maneuvers to get it cleaned up before it attracts rodents.

Moment number 5: Sunday night, when my sweet boy (who is a co-sleeper at heart, but his mean old parents make him sleep in his crib most of the night) was crying for his mommy, Mommy went to his rescue. I groped around in the dark for his precious pacifier and stuck in it his mouth. He was still crying. What was the matter? FYI-Pacifiers work well when stuck in baby's mouth. Not so well when inserted in baby's ear.

PS: I share these moments to show how my new blogging addiction is causing sleep deprivation.

PPS: I didn't really stick Colter's pacifier in his ear. I just tried too. Repeatedly. He still can hear just fine though. Promise.

PPPS: We don't have rodents. As far as I know.

PPPPS: How long can I PS? A former English teacher should know that.


Tonya said...

Okay, I think I'm too easily distracted. I stopped in to thank you for signing my blog and to say it's nice to meet you. However, as I scrolled down I saw those pretty pictures of all the tulips. THEN, the "two lips." HA!!!!!!! TOO FUNNY! =-)

Now, get some sleep. ;-)

Stephanie said...

I came here to respond to your awesome comment on my blog, but I became distracted by your funny post! I suffer from MommyBrain ALL the time. In fact, I tried to take the wrong child home from a restaurant with me a few years ago due to sleep deprivation. I am SO lucky that I didn't get carted off in the paddy wagon!

Tulips are my favorite flower! I'll take those, but you can keep the two lips! haha!

Back to your comment...I went to the University of Georgia and had similar experiences across the board. Fortunately, when I was a very new Christian, there were several believers among the faculty in my major and I somehow ended up in their classes. That was neat! At Easter, all those professors, and many others across the campus, paid for a double page ad stating that they believed in a risen Christ and why. Each professor that supported this added their name to the list and they ran it in both the student and local papers. I admired those professors so much because the general consensus on campus did not reflect those beliefs.

I love your new look...I almost picked the same backgroud!! Don't forget to put the fridge in the milk!

Rachel said...

Hahaha - so glad that I'm not the only mommybrained mommy!! Love you!

Heidi said...

Mommybrain, yep, I know what that's like too! That was hilarious! BTW, do people tell you that you look like Maggie Gyllenhall(sp?) cuz you totally do, at least from the pic on your blog!