Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Banish the Junk Counter!

I like to start things. I am the world's best project starter. Finishing projects that I start is another story however. Eventually, most things get finished, but there are always numerous projects in the works at my house, besides just the everyday stuff. My current projects include, but are not limited to, a garden renovation, an extremely thorough cleaning of the laundry room, a baby afghan (that was supposed to be for Colter), numerous books, organizing photographs, etc. etc. I do not finish things before I move on to the next thing. I don't know why--maybe it's my love of variety.

Today when I visited Ree, the pioneer woman's blog, I read about her latest project, cleaning off her junk depository, and she inspired me to clean off the junk spot in our kitchen. Everybody has a junk spot--it's not just me and Ree, right? There's a spot in your house, that no matter what you do, collects junk. Junk mail, bills, cell phones, keys, random things that just don't have a place or things that no one bothered to put away migrate to that spot. Here's our junk spot. Believe it or not, I cleaned it off just a few days before.

It's ridiculous! The junk is driving me mad! How does all this stuff accumulate on the counter so quickly? WHY didn't I put my lovely pink bag in the closet where it goes? Why is the dust rag and furniture polish on the counter instead of in the cabinet where it belongs? What about my camera lens? Why is it on the counter? And two flashlights??? What??? Has the electricity been out and I didn't notice? Why are there two bottles of water there as well? Oh brother.

When the pioneer woman cleaned off her counter, she had an accidental vignette of interesting things she found in her junk spot. There's no vignette at my house. Only a mostly cleaned off junk counter that will be covered with odds and ends again tomorrow. I say mostly cleaned off because, really, I have to leave the bills there or I'll forget to pay them. And I don't know where else to put our keys and cell phones. And we have to have quick access to pacifiers, and for some reason, the counter has been dubbed the home of the pacifier collection. So basically I have a counter that's still junky, but it looks a little better. Someday I'll start a banish the junk counter forever project. But I probably won't finish it.

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