Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Puppy Licks and Lemur Food

My nephew, Tristan, is a nut. If one took a look at the rest of my family, he or she would probably determine that Tristan fits right in with the rest of us, but sometimes, though I love him dearly, I think his nuttiness is a little extreme. For some reason, this four-year-old creative genius is almost never just a little boy. He is usually lost in some imaginary world of pretend where he is a dog. Or a cat. Or a saber-tooth tiger. Perhaps, someday he'll be a brilliant author. Perhaps, someday he'll be in a loony bin diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.
I know it's perfectly normal for kids to pretend to be something else, but he seriously takes it a little too far. It's hilarious. He most often pretends to be a dog--he gets so into his role that once (this is crazy), before my sister thankfully realized what he was going to do and stopped him, he almost suckled off a boxer named Jinx who had recently had puppies! EEEWWWW! I told you he was a nut. He insists that he be given water in a bowl so he can lap it up, and he plays with dog toys. He walks around on all fours and barks and growls. He licks people to say hello--at a cousin's graduation party the other day he sneaked up behind a woman whom he didn't even know and licked her!!! (Ewww! again) He's really very convincing.

Recently, Tristan has played the part of a lemur. At a dinner my family had a few weeks ago, Tristan was jumping around pretending to be a lemur monkey. The poor lemur kept getting into "ticks," which were clothespins that Tristan stuck all over himself then he would look for someone to pretend to be his "Mommy Lemur" and take all the ticks off. He had to have a mommy lemur--not a daddy lemur. He got into a few arguments with uncles that didn't want to pretend to be girls. My husband had an interesting experience with Tristan the Lemur. John was just sitting on the couch when the lemur came over and bit him on the arm. Surprised and a little irritated of course, John asked Tristan why he did that, and Tristan replied, "You're Lemur Food!"


Jennifer said...

I wonder if Dr. Quinn can fix whacky nephew syndrome! I love when kids use their imagination, but you're right, that sounds a wee bit extreme!

So I have a theory regarding College Boy & Dr. Quinn. Wanna hear it? Okay - well I'll tell you anyway! I think College Boy has a female drug dealer whom he refers to as "Dr. Quinn" because she passes out the drugs. Get it? "The good Dr. Quinn is the medicine woman." She probably throws in a bag of Cocoa Puffs now and then!

Jenn said...

Oh my , he sounds like quite the boy haha, least he's not bad like some little ones get he's just having harmless fun (well except the licking strangers yuck) I guess the adults will have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't get into trouble till this phase passes. Good luck to his mommy !

Heidi said...

Thanks for the laugh! That is hilarious and it sounds like he and Emmi would get along wonderfully. (Emmi does the whole dog-licking thing too...so gross)