Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Word-Filled Wednesday

If you look at this verse in context, it doesn't really fit (it's from the chapter where Jesus leaves his disciples to keep watch while He goes to pray and they keep falling asleep!). Hopefully, if Jesus asked me to keep watch for an hour, I could stay awake, but my eyes are extremely heavy today, and I feel like stretching out on the bed like this picture of my son a few months ago. He was sleepy!

So far, it has been The Year of the Tornado in the Midwest. Or The Year of The Really Loud Thunder That Wakes Up Jenelle. We have been getting so many storms all spring, and storms are predicted for almost everyday of the upcoming week. The poor weather guys have been working overtime.

Last night Colter cried around 11:30 and needed his mommy. Then just as I was getting back to sleep the tornado sirens went off (the second time in two days), so I woke up again and worried about that for awhile wondering what to do (we have no basement and no shelter so I'm always in a quandary about where the safest place in the house is--we don't really have a good place that meets all the no window, no outside wall requirements). After I fell asleep again, ANOTHER storm went through! Good grief. What am I doing blogging??? I need to go take a nap with my baby. Good night.

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Anonymous said...

hehe i don't miss living in "tornado alley" .. it's pretty quiet where we live til winter.

Great post!

Rachel said...

Such a crazy spring we've had - I'm with you on the where to go when they hit in the middle of the night - do I really want to wake my sleeping baby to go to the church or our neighbor's basement or do I watch ever closely to the radar and make my own predictions of if we are indeed in danger......of course I let my sleeping baby sleep and the Lord protected us Praise the Lord!

Let's pray for no more storms, at least tornadoey ones (yep that's a word) for the rest of the summer!

Love you and see you Saturday!

Tracy said...

What a precious picture of your sleepy little one! We too have been having some nasty, crazy weather. (Definitely makes for some sleepy days!) Hope you get a good nap this afternoon. Maybe tonight will be calm and peaceful! = )


ellen b said...

Oh my, I hope things settle down soon and y'all can get some uninterrupted rest!

Melanie said...

What a sweet picture of your son!

Hope you can get a nap in today.

Happy WFW!

Tricia said...

A precious picture, I hope you were able to get in a really good long nap!

Denise said...

Such a precious picture, praying for your family.

Found said...

That's a great post! I can't imagine living amongst the tornadoes! I'm out here in the Arizona desert where the most weather disturbance we get is a heat wave!

I do pray for you all every time I hear the news though. I always think of the bloggers I read who live where the storms are!

Prayin' for ya!

Jenn said...

Gotta love those sleeping babies !

Carolyn said...

Such a precious picture, and the verse you used is a reminder that we often fall short of what God expects of us. It is so hard to keep our eyes open when the are heavy with sleep, no matter how important it is at that very moment to keep them open. Thanks for sharing this thought with us.

Where in the midwest are you? I'm in Kansas...lots of storms around us, but so far we've been really lucky (we chalk it up to the nuclear plant that is close by. Storms seem to part and "go around" it. Stay safe. We are in the same quandry. No basement, and really no safe room either. Counting on God to keep me safe!

Gina said...

I myself am very tired of the storms. I woke up to the lightening and David went down to unplug all the computer stuff and in the process he happened to turn on the TV and found out we were in yet another tornado warning. So we were all up watching the news in the middle of the night until we got the all clear. Sure makes for a restless night.
Cute picture of Colter by the way, he looks so relaxed!!!

Chickie Momma said...

Oh what a cute post... I hope you got a good nap in today!