Tuesday, July 1, 2008

No Raccoons

My silly son was up and ready to start the day at 4:45 this morning. 4:45!!! Ugh. I tried to insist that he go back to bed for an hour, but he won. I don't know why the crazy kid thought it was morning, but I suspect it has something to do with being mostly cut off from his favorite milk source (a.k.a. me). To be nice, after it became apparent that Colter was in a very noisy mood, we decided to go for a walk, so at least Daddy could get some sleep.

On our walk, I did not find a raccoon (see previous post). However, we did see some purty flowers,

and a ferocious, bunny-killing, sparrow-stalking, mouse-murdering, dog-taunter named Pancake.

Not to be confused with...

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Jenn said...

Nice pictures, isn't it great getting up that early.....Not !