Monday, August 11, 2008

Bye-Bye Daddy, Hello Poopy!

I'm not going to have anyone around to help change the daytime poopy diapers anymore. :( My husband the math teacher had to go back to work today. He had to attend teacher's meetings to prepare for the upcoming school year which begins on Thursday. That's only August 14! It seems like school starts earlier and earlier every year. I can't believe our summer is already over! Even though it will be nice to get a little more routine in our lives, Colter and I aren't ready for our playmate/helper to leave us! We are so fortunate that we get the extra time together in the summer though. Most people don't get that, and it's really a blessing.

Last August when school started Colter was only two months old, so obviously, he didn't really care that his Daddy whom had been around every day of his life was suddenly missing. It will be interesting to see how he reacts to John's mysterious disappearance this school year. Today, he didn't seem to really notice or care until we heard the front door open, and Colter bolted out of the bedroom to go see his daddy! It was cute.

A lot of people say the best thing about being a teacher is June, July, and August. As a teacher's wife and a former teacher myself, I would have to agree.


Gina said...

We are so blessed to have him as a teacher at Morrisville. Derrick once told me that Mr. Woods was the only math teacher he had that could help him understand all those hard algebra, advanced math, college algebra etc. problems that he had during his 4 years of high school.
Rachel is pretty fond of him as well!!!! She loved him as a coach as well as her teacher.

Heidi said...

This is a cute story... we are blessed to have my husband only work 4 days a week. The extra time is wonderful, I agree.