Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Thematic Photography-Patterns

Now that Carmi's week of patterns is almost over, I'm finally getting around to playing. I've just been so busy lately, I haven't had much time for blogging. Colter and I went on a pattern hunt this morning in the backyard for Thematic Photography. Can you guess what my patterns are?

1. This one's my favorite. 2. Do you see the boy?3. Two patterns in one!
4. Cool squiggly thingies!
5. Now I'm in the garage.
6. You'll never guess...


Rachel said...

Ok here are my guesses:
1. flower
2. lattice on your back desk
3. lattice and fence
4. hmm looks like a plastic yard tool of some kind maybe
5. speaker?
6. fly swatter

Heidi said...

1. Flower or light on a vehicle???

4. Car tire

6. A sand toy strainer type thingy???

These are fun and good!

Heidi said...

Oh, wait... is #1 one of those texture-full balls???