Friday, March 6, 2009

Favorite Foto Friday-February Favorite

Spring is springing! Hooray for spring! We had a wonderful 70+ degree day yesterday, and it was so uplifting. I am ready for some nice warm days. Colter is too, as we get to play outside more. Although I am totally ready for spring and am excited that the cold weather is going to retreat soon, I cannot believe February is over. Time flies! Before I know it, the nice, comfortable, warm days of spring will be replaced by hot, sticky, skin-melting, July days! Oh, well. As the wise man, Groucho Marx once said, "Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana." Hee Hee. I'm a silly girl.

Onward to the point! Today is Favorite Foto Friday, and I'm reflecting on the swiftness of time because our task for today is to pick our favorite picture from February. Of course, Colter is such a darling, handsome, precious, cute, adorable (and so on and so on...I'm not biased of course), little man that it is hard to choose just one. Here's one of the top fifty.

Happy Favorite Foto Friday!


Rachel said...

Such a handsome little man - I'm so sad I won't get to see you before we leave!!

Melinda said...

What a cutie! Love that little grin of his!