Wednesday, March 11, 2009

For Real?

After much discussion and hair rippage, John and I have decided that even though the crazy bank approved us for a second loan, we are going to try to sell our house before buying a new one. In other words, we chickened out. :) We don't want to forge for berries if for some reason our current house is on the market for three years before someone buys it. I don't think it will take three years to sell our house though---unless all the potential buyers have an aversion to neighborhoods with dogs, or they've read my blog and saw all my complaints about the dogs.... What? Complaints? I've never complained about the incessant barking in my neighbor's backyard! It's marvelous music to my ears! The dogs don't frighten Colter's playmates or wake us up in the wee hours of the morning. The dogs are awesome!!! So awesome that you should buy my house! We'll have it on the market a.s.a.p.

Now that we have decided that it would be smarter to sell first, I've done some Googling to find out what we can do to improve our chances of selling quickly. When selling a house, sellers are supposed to rid their house of all personalized objects, like photographs, so that potential buyers do not wonder about the people that live in the house but imagine themselves living in the house. Sellers are supposed to pack away all their books, so, again, buyers aren't too concerned about the people that live in the house. Also, rooms are supposed to be in neutral colors because hot pink or purple rooms must turn people off. Don't most people want to redecorate when they move anyway? Can't they imagine what a room would look like painted differently? Apparently, many people have very little imagination.

I have no desire to paint my walls (which are mostly blue! Ack! Not neutral!), and there is no way I am painting Colter's bedroom. Would you want to deprive a boy of his awesome jungle island walls that his mommy and aunt spent hours on?

I wonder if it would be okay to post a note saying I'll paint the room a nice, boring white before we move out?

I'll be posting more about getting the house ready to go on the market soon. Right now, I'm off to alphabetize my spices because this article said to.


Gina said...

I love Colter's room! You did an awesome job on it.
I think your decision to sale your place first is a wise one. Never know what could happen with our economy in the shape it's in. Here's wishing for a quick sale for you!!!!

Amy T. said...

Jenelle, that room is awesome! You never know who might want your house BECAUSE of it.

BTW: I alphabetized my spices about a year ago and I'll never turn back.

Glad to see you blogging again.

julie said...

That is the cutest nursery ever! Don't do a thing to it! The note idea made me laugh - but you never know, maybe a family with their own little monkey will see Colter's room and say, "We'll take it!" Good luck! :)