Sunday, March 29, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Yesterday, travel through much of Kansas was NOT recommended because of the blizzard-like conditions. Some areas between Kansas City and Wichita got around 28 inches of snow! At the end of March! Crazy! Other areas of Kansas had an ice storm that left down power lines and broken trees in its path. Guess where I was? KANSAS! During the epic winter storm of 2009! Oh brother. Thankfully, my daddy the superhero was driving, and we made it home fine, though hours and hours behind schedule. It also didn't hurt that John and my mother-in-law were praying all day that we would be okay because even though my daddy the superhero is a great driver, the greatest driver in the universe can't do anything about all the other drivers that aren't so great and are speeding their giant semi-trucks around the snow-packed interstates completely ignoring all the other giant semi-truck drivers that already drove their idiot-selves into the snow-drifted ditches. There were too many trucks in the ditch to even count.

When Colter and I FINALLY got home around 9:00 after two days in the car, my sweet husband was waiting for us with a spotless house, pizza, a new ball for Colter, a homemade miss-you card, and these beautiful flowers.

I think he missed us. :) In fact, we decided that eight days was entirely too long to be separated, and we're never doing it again. Next time Colter and I take a random trip to Utah, John is going too.

Colter was really, really glad to see his daddy! He has not wanted me to do anything for him last night or today. That's totally okay with me as he's been picking Daddy for diaper duty. Hee Hee.

I am amazed at the changes in our yard during the eight days we were gone. The pear tree has leaves...
This tree was completely nude when I left. Now look at it!

The plum tree's flowers are already all gone. Sniff. Look at the green, green yard! It was brown a week ago!
And the helicopters are out. Man, a lot happens in a week!


Rachel said...

So glad you guys made it home and are safe and sound - definitely glad your dad was with you guys so you didn't have to drive thru the weather too, that would have been scary!!

Yeah for John with the flowers and card and clean house - how awesome is he!

Jennifer said...

John seems like such a great guy! And smart. Very, very smart!

Nieman Family said...

Our trees barly are budding...Can't wait for more sun and warm weather...