Friday, April 3, 2009

FFF-Poppy the Monkey Man

Today's theme for Favorite Foto Friday is "beach." I don't have any beach pictures to share, but--surprise! I have even more Arches National Park pictures. These pictures are from Sand Dune Arch. It was kind of like the beach. If the beach was lacking in H2O. And if the beach was cold and windy. And in a canyon. Oh, okay, the only similarity was that there was sand.

Sand Dune Arch was one of my favorite places we explored on our Utah trip--we actually visited twice because it was so awesome (there are some pictures of both visits). It was otherworldly.
We strolled into a canyon-like place..and the world totally changed. We were in between two, tall red rock walls and the ground was covered in fine, red sand. Even though it seemed like we would be sheltered from the wind in between the rock walls, the wind actually picked up. The first time we visited, it was so windy, we had sand everywhere when we left. In our hair, eyes, clothes, everywhere! Even though the wind was not pleasant, the place was so strangely beautiful.See all the sand? It's kinda like a beach.Sand Dune ArchThe location of Sand Dune Arch is really awesome, but it is not as big as many of the other arches we hiked to. Here's a picture of Colter under it to kind of give you an idea how big it is.As we were exploring under the arch, I turned around and saw my dad scaling the rock walls, and then he disappeared. He turned up a few minutes later ON TOP OF THE ARCH. I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that, Dad. Um, Dad?
WHAT are you doing? You're going to break the arch! What if they have a "you break it you buy it policy?" Do you have any idea how much 3 million years of eroded rock formation would cost? Somebody is gonna call the rangers!
We got the heck out of there before Dad broke something.

My dad is kind of loony. He's always climbing on things he should not be climbing on and making us all worry he's going to fall. I swear, he's part monkey. I have all kinds of memories of him climbing giant trees like it's the easiest thing ever. The whole week in Utah, he climbed all over the rocks without any ropes, helmets, or special shoes. We'd turn around, and all of a sudden he'd be 50 feet above us. The big ape. Fortunately, we made it home without him falling off a cliff even though we did lose him a couple times (another story for another time). I love my goofy dad. Even if he is a monkey.


Rachel said...

I have to ask - did Colter have sand in his diaper too? Sand is so messy, but the red looks kinda neat and the arches look awesome. I can't believe how long it's been since I've seen your dad and he looks just the same - can I come spend the night and make nachos and maybe your mom will still pay us to clean the house at 2am like we used too? Pretty please - but only if I can bring Riley too because you know I'm that mom who doesn't want to leave her.

Melinda said...

Wow! That looks amazing! If we ever get out west, we'll have to go!


CallansMama said...

Great pics! Looks like it would be a lot of fun to go there!

Lund7 said...

Awesome photos! I was there once as a child but it would be fun to take our family there now! Have a great weekend!

Katrina said...

Amazing pics! That's just the kind of place my boys would love to visit.

Kim & Dave said...

I love "Arches" & "Sand Dunes!"

What fun that you got to go!!!!

Great pics!

Heidi said...

Those pics are beautiful! I love the one of Colter walking in the sand with his hat on. Totally could pass for a "beach" pic!

Go here:
It tells you how to make your pics bigger. It took me a few tries to figure it out but it's easy once you get the hang of it.