Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All Done, All Done, Wanna G-g-g-goooooo!

My poor boy had to go to the doctor today! He ran a fever from 101 -103 degrees for about 24 hours, had an awful sounding cough, wouldn't eat, had a sore throat, and was just basically miserable. I thought maybe he might have strep throat, but from past experience, I was fairly certain that if I took him to the doctor, she would say it was just a virus, and we would just have to wait it out. Even though I felt that's what she would say, in the middle of the night when Colter couldn't not sleep and we were watching cartoons at 3 a.m., all I could think about was swine flu! Isn't that silly? So in order to be safe rather than sorry, I took Colter to the doctor.

I wish I would have listened to my instincts and waited another day because they tortured Colter at the doctor's office. His throat looked awful so they did a strep test, which he did not enjoy by the way, but it was negative. His throat was just so red because of drainage. The doctor didn't think his lungs sounded very good, so she sent us to the HOSPITAL to get blood work and an x-ray of his lungs! Not fun! Poor Colter was miserable. First, we had to wait in a tiny room with a bunch of people who were also waiting to get blood work, and I was thinking about how if we didn't have swine flu before, we were going to catch it in there! Then, a nurse and I had to hold Colter down while another nurse took a vial of his blood. It really went pretty well; Colter held very still and the nurse got his vein on the first try (thank you, Jesus!), but he was so sad! He knew something was up when I had to start holding him tight and a stranger started holding his arm down. Before the needle was even in sight, he started sobbing big, pathetic cries saying, "All done, all done, wanna g-g-g-g-ooooooooo!" So heartbreaking! The nurses gave him three stickers and a pinwheel to try to make him happy again. They gave me a pen because I cried too. :) Next, I had to take Colter to the radiology department for an x-ray of his lungs. Of course, after getting his blood drawn he did not trust the x-ray technician one bit and did not want to cooperate at all for this totally painless procedure. There's no reasoning with an almost-two-year-old though. After several tries, she was finally able to get clear picture.

After all that fun and excitement, we went back to the doctor's office where she looked at everything and determined that Colter had..........a viral infection! Of course, I'm really glad Colter just has a virus, but OH brother! If I would have waited just a bit longer, his fever would have went down, and he would not have had to visit a vampire and a lady with a scary camera. Hopefully, my boy wasn't traumatized too much, and he'll trust people in scrubs again before he's 47.

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Rachel said...

I'm glad Colter survived and I so wish they would have done the x-rays first. Riley loves them, but I'm pretty sure she would not love needles either so that was incredibly silly on their part - you don't hurt a kid first, duh.