Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tatty Watty!

A couple months ago, Colter and I checked out this book from the library.
Colter loved it! We kept it for as long as we were allowed and read it every day. After I took it back to the library, Colter asked for "Tatty Watty" for several days. I tried to explain that it wasn't our book and that we would check it out again someday. I'm pretty sure he didn't get it, but he eventually quit asking for it.
Until this past week! For some reason, he remembered the book and started asking for it at bedtime. When he was sick Monday night and couldn't sleep, he kept saying, "Tatty Watty, Tatty Watty!" So I got on Amazon, and a few days later I presented Colter with a box.
A box? Thanks, Mom.
Oh! There's something inside!It's my book! Tatty Watty!Colter was thrilled with his present! I think we're going to be reading about Tatty Ratty's adventures for awhile. :)


Rachel said...

What a good mommy you are - we've never read that book, but I'm thinking we might have to check it out at the library the next time we are there!!

Nieman Family said...

Thats so sweet...

Gina said...

He is getting so big!
Your such a good mommy for getting him his own copy of the book. He is a lucky little boy!