Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sine, Cosine, and Tangent

John is teaching an ACT prep. class during summer school this year, and they must be bored. Apparently, instead of diligently studying test taking methods, they are talking about our cats because I just got an email requesting a blog post with pictures of the cats! Maybe there's some kind of ACT test secret that looking at pictures of cats will increase scores by 4 points (on average). Maybe....or maybe not! Here's some pictures of cats anyway.

Last year after our cat Pancake died, we toyed with the idea of going catless for a little while, but that didn't last long. We are cat people. We went to the pound to get two kittens and came home with three! Yes, we are crazy (in case you were wondering). Most of the cages at the pound were full, and the lady made it clear that unless some cats found a home soon, she would have to make room for more animals if you know what I mean. Even though we don't let our cats live in the house, cats had a better chance living in our yard/garage then in a cage at the pound, so we brought three home. They were quickly dubbed Sine, Cosine, and Tangent (can you tell whose husband is a math teacher?).

This is the day we brought them home last December. Colter was running around the garage all excited, so the cats were a little freaked out. Meet Tangent (the yellow cat) and Sine!
This is Cosine. Cosine and Sine were in the same cage, so I assume they were brothers. Sine was really the one we wanted because he had such big ears, but then Cosine would have been all alone! We couldn't leave him, so we brought him home too. He was such a good cuddler! Unfortunately, Cosine didn't last long at our house. We think he drank some antifreeze that must have leaked out of a neighbor's car. It was so sad! DON'T leave antifreeze out where animals can get it! It's supposed to have a sweet taste, so cats and dogs will drink it. It only takes a teaspoon to kill them, and it is not a pleasant way to go.
I guess from this Gremlin cat face, Cosine wasn't too sure about his new home!
Sine is such a pretty cat!
Tangent is the sweetest kitty ever! She is a great "kiddy cat". Colter and his friend, Scarlet, drag Tangent all over the place, and she never bites or scratches them. She's very patient. Colter loves his kitties!

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Ha - Love that gremlin kitty picture