Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Facebook Delinquent

Since it's summer, and I have more time on my hands now (sort of), I decided I would finally figure out what Facebook was all about. Last night I wasted several hours of my life adding a photo album and just looking around. As I explored Facebook, I ran across people I knew and added them as friends. Isn’t that the point of Facebook? Isn’t it a social networking site? Find people you know, add them as friends, catch up on old times, and be happy, right? Apparently NOT! I guess there is a secret limit on how many friends one can add in a day, and I added too many! When I tried to add my sister-in-law as a friend, I got a big red message box saying I was participating in activity that is against Facebook policy. Adding friends? Huh? I think I sent a friend request to like, fifteen people. OH no! I’m a spammer! Watch out for me! I’ll soon be flooding people’s emails with tons of annoying messages and notices that they have one three million dollars, but they must send one million dollars to my special bank account in Fiji in order for me to send their prize.

I seriously only sent friend requests to a few people (all of whom I know), and got blocked from adding any more friends!!! I am assuming the block is temporary, but I don’t really know if the block will ever be lifted. I was only active on Facebook and already got kicked out of the club! Maybe I’ll start my own Facebook Delinquent’s club. Wanna join?


Rachel said...

Hey - I'll visit you in facebook jail if you like :)

Heidi said...

It did that to me too when I joined Facebook about a month ago. I was so annoyed! I guess you can only add so many friends in one day, I don't know! I'm Heidi Schvaneveldt Brown if you want to be my friend. :) If Facebook will let you be my friend.

Jennifer said...

Ever since I met you in blogland, I have always suspected you were one of those trouble making sorts of people. You know...the kind that get red-flagged on Facebook for having too many friend requests! Pft...I was right! LOL! I'm going to send you a friend request and we'll see what happens.