Monday, August 31, 2009

Questions that Come to Mind During the Daily Straightening Up of the House

1. Do other stay-at-home moms feel like they need a housekeeper, or is it just me?

2. Are there some extra kids in here? I really don't think one kid could make this mess.

3. Why did my husband let my son empty out the contents of my purse? There are credit carts, bobby pins, old receipts, etc. scattered around the living room floor!

4. What is Colter's obsession with being under the table all about? He's playing with his big cardboard bricks under the dining room table now. He's also taken to having picnics under the table. I suspect he may be goofy.

5. What was going through God's head when he created dust mites?

6. Why is my son no longer under the dining room table, but ON TOP OF IT?

7. How long should a two-year-old stay in the corner for standing in in the middle of the dining room table when he has been told not to climb said table?

8. How many shoes do I wear in a day, and why do I not put them in my closet when I take them off?

9. How does the hallway transform into an obstacle course so quickly?


1 comment:

jeck said...

LOL!!! Funny I enjoyed your list!!

I work from home and I have a housekeeper! If something happened I would give up everything else before I would give up her!!!

Thanks for stopping by I have no idea what kind of fish we have but the babies are still there. YAY I guess! hehe!!

Your family is adorable! Have a great week!!!